EFISport 2023

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How LED lighting with smart lighting solutions can improve the sustainability of sports facilities.

With the aim of providing information and solutions on how to be more efficient and sustainable from different perspectives, INDESCAT has organized the EFISport conference, a reference in the sports sector. This conference, which has celebrated its tenth anniversary, has been renewed with a change of format and the organization of workshops to encourage greater participation and involvement of attendees.

The sustainability of sports facilities is being threatened by rising electricity prices in Spain. Stadiums, swimming pools and gymnasiums consume large amounts of energy due to the need for lighting, heating, ventilation and air and water filtration systems.

This increase in electricity prices has led to higher costs for operators of sports facilities, which affects the profitability and sustainability of these facilities. In addition, the volatility of energy prices in the electricity market makes it difficult for operators to plan their long-term energy budget.

To address this situation, operators are looking for more efficient and sustainable solutions to reduce their energy consumption and lower costs. These solutions include the installation of LED lighting systems and more efficient heating and cooling systems, as well as the implementation of renewable energies, such as solar energy.

In particular, LED lighting can be a highly efficient and sustainable solution for sports facilities. These state-of-the-art smart lighting solutions can be implemented by companies such as Salvi Lighting, whose technology allows total control and monitoring of the lighting of sports facilities, adjusting the light intensity according to the needs of each moment and allowing considerable energy savings.

In addition to cost reduction and energy efficiency, the implementation of LED lighting technologies and smart lighting solutions also contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

During the EFISport conference, experts in energy and environmental sustainability presented innovative and efficient solutions to reduce energy consumption in sports facilities and, therefore, reduce their environmental impact and improve their profitability. Workshops and round tables also allowed attendees to share experiences and knowledge on how to improve the sustainability of their facilities and make them more efficient from an economic and social perspective.

The EFISport conference was an opportunity for sports facility operators, sustainability experts and other stakeholders in the sports sector to exchange ideas and find joint solutions to address the energy and environmental challenges facing the sector. Moreover, with its focus on sustainability, it has also contributed to the promotion of values such as social responsibility and environmental awareness.

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