Improved lighting in Barcelona city

Salvi is actively participating in the renovation and improvement of the street lighting of Barcelona, under the Lighting Master Plan (PDI) recently approved by the municipality of Barcelona, who is engaged in an ambicious program to improve the lighting levels of the city, and to reduce the power consumption. One of the first streets affected by this lighting plan, is the upper part of the emblematic street of Paseo de Gracia (a section better known as “Jardinets de Gràcia”), where SALVI has replaced the existing ATENEA luminaires which have been standing there for more than 30 years, with the most recent version of this luminaire incorporating the SNAP LED module. In a different part of town, on street Aldana, SALVI has replaced the existing street lights with VENUS columns and luminaires, also incorporating SNAP led modules. The results have been outstanding, obtaining better lighting levels than with the models replaced, while reducing the power consumption by more than 60%.

With these two proyects, Barcelona benefits of a more efficient and uniform lighting, thanks to SALVI technology in LED lighting. And more streets will follow in the next months, as this is only the starting point of the implementation of the Lighting Master Plan. We will keep you posted through Facebook and our website.

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