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street lighting in the gervasi st. district, barcelona

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Saving, comfort and efficiency were the objectives of the Barcelona city council to illuminate the streets. For this project was indispensable regulation by reducing flow chart existing header, as well as supporting the power line c / Herzegovina LED luminaires, luminaire supports discharge lines. The ignition power is 88W, 56W reduced in the torque reducer at 22:00 h. Another added value of the installation is the lack of obtrusive light on the facades, result valued by the residents. The project combines Anima Micra column 20 LEDs, 14 LEDs with Anima wall.
Efficiency project was 65lux · m2 / W and the energy cost of the installation € 0.24 / m2 year.

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technical data

No. LEDs: 14/ 18/ 20/ 40
Óptical unit 3d-led®
Diffuser made of tempered glass (IK09) with UV filter
Colour temp.: 3000k or 4000k
Power consumption: from 23 to 173 W (adjustable)
FHS 0,1% / IP 66 / IK 09
Class III