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In the emblematic street of the Ramblas in Barcelona, SALVI has replaced the existing luminaires using the latest generation of high efficient optical groups with high impact polycarbonate diffusers.  As a result, we have obtained energy savings of up to 72%.

The actuation consisted in replacing 74 Atenea luminaires of 100W from 74 columns, and 90 similar luminaires of 70W from 18 columns with five luminaires. All Atenea luminaires where equiped with Metal Halide electrical equipments, which replaced the existing ones with 250W mercury vapour.

The renovation of the equipments started in the Plaza Real and at the end of the Ramblas, just near the monument to Christopher Columbus.  More than 100 optical units where installed, each of them equipped with 70W MH equipments and our super efficient Airtech micro-reflector. In Plaza Real, the model chose was naturally, our emblematic Plaza Real, while near the monument to Christopher Columbus the luminaire chosen was our Lira Balmes, with 70W MH equipments.  The energy savings in these two sites where around 56%.

This way, SALVI contributed to improve the lighting in the Ramblas, one of the most important and emblematic streets in Barcelona, while keeping its traditional image.

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