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Boulevard Railroad. BURGOS

fletxa slide

550 lights have been installed for a first installment of 1450 that are provided with different measures of Ø250mm, ø350mm and Ø450mm, powers of 35W, 70W and 150W MH and masts special plate carrying 5.7 m and 8 3m in height have also been prepared to withstand future tram catenary flow through the Boulevard. The light points are distributed over a catenary screening designed to reduce mechanical stresses in a grid pattern and get a white illumination uniformity levels as high as possible. The lights also incorporate remote control on-line. The catenary wire that holds the lights and is cross-linked polyethylene and includes lead wires and cable fastener is stainless steel braid.

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technical data

MH lamps from 35W to 150W
Aluminium faceted reflector AIRTECH technology.
Polycarbonate diffuser with UV filther (IK10)
Ceramic lampholder G12/G8,5
Symetrical reflector
FHS <12% / IP 65 / IK 10 Class I