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Walk street La Explanada, Alicante

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Work to improve energy efficiency in public lighting of the City of Alicante.

Luminaires with 150W VSAP lamps and double-level electromagnetic flow reducers were replaced with LED luminaires with 4000 ° K color temperature and 50 W power, with the possibility of regulating the emitted flux.

Order made by the Technical Department of public lighting. Department of environment.
Delivery date December 2016 and product luminaire GRAN VIA M TOP 3/4 12LED 40K F5M1 PMA AUTON 75W – Power: 50W – 240 pc.
Total new power 12 kW. With an estimated saving of 123,000 kWh / year – 22,140 € / year and a reduction of CO2 emissions 60,885 Tm CO2 / year
Levels of illumination obtained 32 Lux with a Uniformity of 58%.
Light pollution FHS <1% - Color reproduction RA> 70

The main objective of the action was to reduce energy consumption, improve the quality of lighting by implementing LED lighting with white light with a color temperature of 4000 ºK and an adequate color rendering index, in addition to reducing the costs Of maintenance to the being the useful life of the LED luminaries around 80,000 hours equivalent to approximately 9 years and on the other hand, to reduce the light pollution.

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technical data

LED technology High Efficiency
Colour temperature: 3000°K / 4000°K
ULR < 4,6% translucent diffuser / ULR < 1% clear diffuser IP66 / IK08