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Barcelona’s Ronda del Litoral

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The renovation of the lighting on Barcelona’s ring roads is one of the city’s most important projects, not only because it is one of the main access routes to the city, but also because of the length of all its sections, 49.5 km.

We illuminated one of the main traffic arteries of the city of Barcelona, the Ronda del Litoral (B-10), from the Morrot to the Trinitat junction. Almost 800 luminaires were used to light the road and its overpasses. CLAP M has been used for the roadway, METRO S and METRO M for the flyovers and the lighting towers. It is a pleasure for Salvi to light this type of project with a sustainable and design solution, providing efficient and quality lighting.

This action is part of the project to renovate the exterior lighting of the Rondas de Barcelona, promoted by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) and financed by the Institute for Diversification and Saving (IDAE) through the “second call for applications of the aid programme for actions to renovate municipal exterior lighting installations”.

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technical data

14, 21 or 28 high efficiency Leds in circular arrangement up to 207W
Independent high transparency lenses in PMMA
with optical performance up ŋ 93%
Colour temperature standard 3000°K ó 4000°K
FHS < 0,1% Heat dissipater built-in in the lum Life time L80B10 > 80.000 h (depending on the model)
Power input: AC 220V-240V 50/60Hz
Fixed power electronics, autonomous regulation, regulation via 1-10V/DALI/PWL, header flow reducer and constant flow function CLO
Electronic efficiency ≥90%
Power factor > 0.95