The Atlas column is composed of a steel shaft and a cast-iron decorative base with a particular geometrical design on the surface.

Technical features

Column height (mm): from 4000 to 10000
Height of the decorative base: 2000 and 3000 mm
made of grey cast-iron (EN1561 / ENGJL200).
Conical or cylindrical shaft
made of electro-galvanized steel.
Stainless steel shaft under request

Arms made of cast-aluminium UNE-EN1706 (EN AC-44300)
Surface finish: Epoxy primer and polyurethane.
Colour G2: Silver
Other colours available
Distance betw. anchorbolts: 210×210/300×300 mm
Anchorbolts included: M18x500 / M24x700 mm

Complete assemblies