A multi-purpose contemporary design street light. The particular palm tree design skin stamped on the surface of the cast-aluminium base, and the elegance of its several luminaire mounting methods, provide a particular touch of distinction and elegance to the streets of our cities.

Technical features

Column height (mm): from 4500 to 9200
Height of the decorative base:
2000 and 2400 mm made
of cast aluminium (UNE-EN 1706 /EN AC-51100)
Includes anti-rust insulation sleeves
for the anchorbolts
Shaft made of extruded aluminium
(UNE 38337 (L-3441) EN-AW-6063)

Arms made of cast-aluminium
UNE-EN1706 (EN AC-44300)

Surface finish: Epoxy primer and polyurethane
Colour G2: Silver
Other Colours available
Distance between anchorbolts: 250X250/300X300 mm
Anchorbolts included: M18x500/M22x600 mm

Complete assemblies