One of the harmonic, genuine  and more traditional liras. Its material selection makes this luminaire a durable product, and resistant to the vandalism damages. Closing mechanism hidden on the trim, with tool-free access, and high tightness degree.

707 x 707 x 1185 mm.

Technical features

HPS/MH lamps from 35W to 150W
Aluminium faceted reflector
Transparent concealed glass 5mm
Lampholder multiposition G12/E27/E40
Asymetrical reflector
FHS <0,1% / IP 65 / IP 67 G.O / IK 09 Class I


Diameter (mm): Ø 700 / Height (mm): 1300
Cast-aluminium housing
Post-top mounting
Surface finish: Epoxy primer and bi-component polyurethane paint oven cured
Colour: Black N1 (consult for other options)
Weight: 15Kg (approx.)