Maximum efficiency projector. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, it guarantees a minimum operating cost. It allows the installation of the equipment in a thermally insulated enclosure of the luminaire, or remotely in a cabinet at the base of the column. Optionally, the Smartec remote control and monitoring system can be incorporated, to facilitate maintenance, improve energy and operating costs.

Technical features

8, 16, 32, 48 or 96 high efficiency LEDs in linear arrangement.
Maximum power 750W / Maximum flow 59000lm.
Color temperature: 3000 ° K or 4000 ° K. Optionally for industrial and sports facilities: 5000 ° K, 6000 ° K.
Useful life: L90B10> 100,000 h (consult according to LED type and configuration).
LEDs attached to the main body transmit heat by conduction, and the body itself conveys heat to the outside by convection efficiently.
FHS <0.1%. AC voltage 220V-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz. Class I / Class II optional.