Efficiency with majestic appearance. Luminaire made ​​of 100% cast aluminium with two closing possibilities: flat diffuser that leaves the structure ribs opened, or polycarbonate diffuser that replaces the old glass slides.

SUS: 464 x 683 mm.
TOP: 464 x 823 mm.

Technical features

LED technolog High Efficiency
Polymethylmethacrylate diffuser
Colour temperature: 3000ºK / 4000ºK
Luminous flux: MAX 12309 lm
Power consumption: 99W
FHS <0.1% / IP66 / IK 09 (IK 10) Class I / Class II optional


Height(mm): 850/Diameter(mm): Ø464
Cast-aluminium housing
Pole mounting: connector M60 3/4”
Post-top or suspended mounting
Surface finish: Epoxy primer and bi-component
polyurethane paint oven cured
Colour: Black N1 (consult factory for other options)
Approx. weight (without electrical equip.): 13 Kg