Salvi Lighting attended to Africities International Exhibition; hold in Johannesburg from 29 November to 2 December with the slogan “Shaping the future of Africa with the people”. The main goal was to outline the way to develop African cities within the program Horizon 2063. Local authorities, organisms and private entities engaged to the many conferences about energy efficiency and sustainable development that took place during the four day fair.

Salvi’s CEO Javier Elizalde gave a presentation under the title “Lighting change at the speed of light” in which explained the success case of the Diagonal Avenue in Barcelona. He conveyed to the audience Salvi’s sight of outside and public lighting, approached to key parts involved in gaining greater energy efficiency and spoke about how the Smart Lighting can provide the necessary opportunities to Africa, a continent meant to be the future of the planet.

Furthermore, Export Manager for Alger, Dan Embarek as well as France and Maroc Export Manager assisted to the event.