Dakar 2022

An eco-sustainable truck on its way to conquer the Dakar

Salvi Lighting is once again supporting the legends of the Dakar and their eco-sustainable truck.

Once again this year, the KH7 epsilon team is setting off to conquer a new Dakar. The “dream truck”, so named two editions ago for spreading hope and connecting two non-profit organisations that help people with disabilities, is back stronger than ever with its eco-sustainable truck for this 2022 edition.

What makes this team never give up are the initiatives and challenges they set themselves. The Dakar for these legends means overcoming and they don’t just want to compete, they need a challenge to keep going. This year Jordi Juvanteny, Jose Luís Criado and Jordi Ballbé have decided to say goodbye to the diesel used in the truck to make way for the HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) eco-fuel developed by Repsol and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and thus achieve the first competitive truck much less polluting with a smaller carbon footprint. For this reason and because of the values of these Dakar legends, with 63 years of experience between them, they transcend beyond the competition and Salvi Lighting wants to give its unconditional support to the KH7 epsilon team.

It is now a necessity for all of us to have a collective conscience and think about the planet in order to act and reduce our impact in any way we can. For some time now, Salvi Lighting has been pursuing the same objective as these Dakar legends, solutions to act in favour of our planet. The more than a thousand solutions to change the world of the Solar Impulse foundation to which Salvi Lighting is adhered with two solutions, S.I.L (Solar intelligence lighting) or Smartec (Software for smart cities), and the support for initiatives such as the eco-sustainable truck are a clear example of the brand’s commitment.

The dream truck this year leaves Criado in Barcelona at the last minute for testing positive for COVID-19 and will be replaced by Fina Román. “It is a terrible news the positive of José Luis. We send him a lot of encouragement. In the bad news we have the good news of having Fina, who will help us to carry the project forward” say Juvanteny and Ballbé. We hope that they will also make history and that the truck will be an example for users of large vehicles such as the MAN 6×6 of the KH7 Epsilon Team.