The Ochocentista luminaire aluminum equipped with the latest LED technology was chosen by the architects and technicians of Ferrari Land and PortAventura to decorate and illuminate the area of ​​the theme park that replicates the most classic of Italy and the house where it was born and grew The creator of the brand and team Enzo Ferrari.

In this park opened on April 7, 2017 we find the Red Force is the third highest roller coaster in the world and the fourth fastest in the world. It consists of a vertical ascent and descent and magnetic accelerators that catapult you to 112 meters in height with a speed of 0 – 180 kh in just 5 seconds. The Red Force station is inspired by a Pit stop. During its 880 meters of travel there are a few stages simulating a circuit of Formula 1 where you will be able to sit down and see all the action of Red Force. When accelerating, the friction of the wheels with the tracks makes the authentic sound of a ferrari …

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