Salvi lighting opens its fourth production center in the capital of Rwanda

One of the objectives of Salvi lighting company, for more than fifteen years, has been its growth beyond the European Union. His first steps were in the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia, currently reaching more than 30 countries.
For five years, Salvi Lighting has focused efforts on the development of its business projects in Africa, resulting in very interesting opportunities.
One of the most significant projects currently consists of the lighting of 975 km and the installation of 240 km of medium voltage lines in Rwanda, to improve communication and security between the different cities and the capital.
With this type of project, Salvi Lighting contributes to cooperation and sustainable progress through an environmentally friendly path and social environment, together with the local team and specifically facing primary needs.
In these projects, traffic on the roads and access roads between different towns is very heterogeneous, consists of cars, trucks, motorbikes, as well as both cyclists and pedestrians.
Through this project, developed by the Rwandan Salvi team with the technological supervision and experience of Salvi Barcelona, not only lighting will be provided, but a primary social requirement for safety and urban comfort will be solved. By activating an effective and sustainable lighting service, Salvi will actively increase the level of comfort and safety for vehicles and citizens.
Salvi Rwanda is already a reality, acquired land in 20,000 square m. in the capital of the country Kigali, where a first production plant of 1,000 square m. is being set up. This initiative provides work for dozens of people and facilitates the transfer of their technological, industrial, and commercial knowledge to the new equipment.
The local commercial team is already working with other neighboring countries to create new opportunities and projects that promote the sustainable development of the environment.
Salvi lighting, characterized by its public lighting products with the latest technology on the market, being able to offer up to 99.4% reliability on its products. The company has its own R&D department, where lighting solutions are developed following a specific and optimized process always applying same philosophy: homogeneous lighting, energy efficiency, reduction of carbon emission pollution… always considering particularities of each client.
Thanks to advances in technology, Smart Cities; Sustainable lighting, connected and optimized cities are not only an unstoppable global phenomenon, they are also the only solution to contain and reduce the alarming environmental and socio-economic impacts that urbanization is causing on our planet. Countries such as Rwanda, bet on this model together with Salvi Lighting and its Smart system for the management of smart cities so called Smartec®.
Javier Elizalde, CEO of the company, says: “Africa is a very attractive market and, like all markets, it is necessary to look at it in detail, through a local vision”. One of the advantages of Salvi is the ability to offer a comprehensive service of high added value, with customized solutions tailored to the needs of each country. Javier Elizalde is already thinking about a near future in opening other production centers in other West African countries.