XLIV Simposium Guadalajara 2018

As for years, Salvi lighting can not miss one of the most important events, the National Lighting Symposium of the Spanish Lighting Committee.

This year we have different presentations to tell you about our challenges and our perspective in different scenarios.

· 24/05- 11:30 h. – SALA A Adaptive lighting, a technical opportunity
Autor: Javier Elizalde, Corina Queralt

· 24/05 – 12:45 h. – SALA B Aldea’s Tunnel, a year of exploitation with Led lighting
Autor: Francisco Cavaller, Ángel Silva

· 25/05 – 9.30 h. – SALA A Public lighting in developing countries
Autor: Javier Elizalde

Download the complete program on the website of the Spanish Lighting Committee (https://www.ceisp.com/)
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