St. Gervasi neighbourhood in Barcelona

Herzegovina Streets, Ferran Valls and M. Aureli, Barcelona

Savings, comfort and efficiency were the objectives pursued by Barcelona City Council to light these streets. For this project, dimming by means of a dimmer switchboard at the existing head-end was an essential requirement, as in addition to supporting the power lines of the streets with LED luminaires, it also supports lines with discharge luminaires. The lighting power is 88 W, reduced to 56 W when the dimmer is activated at 22:00. Another added value of the installation is the absence of intrusive light on the façades, a result appreciated by the neighbours. The project combines Anima 20 LEDs in the Micra pole with Anima 14 LEDs in the wall.

The design efficiency was 65 lux-m2/W and the energy cost of the installation was 0.24 €/m2/year.

Product used

Anima Top Hor, the high efficiency

LED luminaire unique in its category. Thanks to its exclusive 3D LED patent, it permits obtaining different photometries, minimum glare and uniformity. The high efficiency of its LED (up to 130 lm/W) and its heat dissipation system make it one of the most efficient luminaires for use in public lighting.

Meet the Anima luminaire - Top-Hor
Luminaire Anima Top-Hor

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