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The rapid advancement of technology has allowed us to always offer the latest trends and services to our customers. By customising our products, we offer the necessary light for each environment, obtaining the greatest control and performance. That is why our values go hand in hand with energy efficiency, sustainability and adaptability.

Standardisation and regulations are accompanying us on this journey, the latest news based on public lighting highlighting user needs and energy efficiency as a prerequisite for public lighting.

Because today more than ever we need to look for alternatives to conventional public lighting in order to offer a better tomorrow; cleaner, more responsible, more efficient and adapted.

Creating new eco-designed lighting products that are self-sufficient, decontaminating or even adapted to people's needs helps us to believe that a better tomorrow is possible... and encourages us to make these values part of our DNA.

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The R&D team has been dedicated to researching the best optical performance. The result has been the design and development of the lenses used in LED lightingprojects .The aim is to provide the highest efficiency for public lighting by shaping and making the most of the light. This development has made it possible to obtain excellent lighting results with optical performance exceeding 95%.

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At Salvi we believe that the world needs a break, as lighting manufacturers we have the obligation to look for clean or self-sufficient lighting alternatives to contribute to the reduction of emissions to our planet. Now more than ever, clean energy solutions or even the use of technology to manage consumption are one of the fundamental pillars to be able to change the world.

Our lighting technology scales the needs to the scale of the project. In other words, before offering any of our solar solutions, we study the feasibility of the project location and evaluate the quantity and load capacity that our solutions can obtain. In this way, we evaluate which is the most suitable for the project.

Get the feasibility of your project thanks to our configurator!

Solar Impulse

Because today, more than ever, we need to look for alternatives to conventional energy sources in order to offer a better tomorrow; cleaner, more responsible, efficient and adapted. Solar Impulse is one of the most active foundations in the search for and dissemination of solutions to change the world, cataloguing its solutions in 5 of these 17 sustainable development goals.

Salvi Lighting with its smart solar lighting, together with its smart city management system and adaptability of lighting, are part of the more than one thousand Solar Impulse solutions.

Salvi with Solar Impulse
Pureti Logo

Introducing Pureti as one of the most suitable decontaminant formulas for the street lighting sector. Pureti is an aqueous photocatalytic oxidation solution and makes any surface self-cleaning and eco-sustainable, which proactively removes dirt and biofilm build-up, improves air quality and eliminates organic odours.

Pureti does not use chemicals, it only uses light, cleaning surfaces in an eco-sustainable way for the benefit of the environment is now possible.

By applying this solution to our products, we actively and continuously reduce indirect greenhouse gases (NOx and SOx) and particulate matter (PM 2.5 and PM 10) that cause smog.

Projects that make a difference

We show you all the projects in which we have participated, offering better lit and safer spaces for everyone. Because we all need proof before venturing on the road.

Luminaires that change the world

The quality and design of our street lighting luminaires are two factors that we consider very important. Our constant investment in R&D means that we combine traditional lighting with the latest technologies, guaranteeing the originality and longevity of our products. Always adapting the light to the real needs of people and maintaining the aesthetics of the environment.

Lighting quality

Homogeneous lighting for improved visual comfort and safety.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Working with the latest technology is key to obtaining the best efficiency.

Adaptability to people's needs

We adapt the use of light to the needs of the project for people's lives.

Adapt your city from anywhere

A solution designed to integrate any smart city service. Smartec® is the answer to your obstacles, a scalable solution with which you can manage your city services from any device.

It adapts lighting to people's needs, monitors pollution levels, sets routes for rubbish collection, connects people at full speed via 5G or informs them of the state of the city at any time.

smartec tiemporeal | Salvi Lighting Barcelona
Smartec® City: The state of your city in
city in real time

Decision making by analysing
your services in real time

smartec efficient : Salvi Lighting Barcelona
Smartec® Lighting - manage and adapt
smart street lighting

Being sustainable, saving on consumption and
consumption and being more efficient

smartec laptop | Salvi Lighting Barcelona
smartec cloud | Salvi Lighting Barcelona
Cloud-based software

You will be able to connect from anywhere and with any device.

smartec scalable | Salvi Lighting Barcelona
An open and scalable system:
you set the limits.

We can integrate any service needed for your project


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Forget those complicated tables to choose the best configuration for your project. Manage and choose in a very simple and visual way the best composition based on people's needs.

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We have created and adapted the tool to your needs so that you can create the ideal luminaire for your project in the simplest way.

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No configurator

Will you continue to set up as you have done up to now, with boring tables that are difficult to balance, where at the slightest mistake you will get lost and have to start all over again?

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    Subsidies for the employment contracting of people in situations of greater vulnerability

    Indefinite-term employment contracting of unemployed workers over 45 years of age. Subsidized by the Public Employment Service of Catalonia and co-financed by the European Social Fund Plus.

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    Project included in the program of incentives linked to self-consumption and storage, with renewable energy sources, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed by the European Union - NextGenerationEU.