Our history makes the difference

Salvi Lighting has been present in the world of lighting for more than a century.

The evolution of public lighting has been closely linked to technological and urban development. From the historic gas streetlights to the current LED luminaires, we have adapted to change, seeking to be a benchmark in the sector capable of adapting to the future.

Because the most important thing is you.

Light provides greater public safety and improves urban life. Switching to more efficient lighting systems, such as LED technology, is essential for saving energy consumption.

Because we care about the environment.

Public spaces require luminaires that adapt perfectly to the environment without damaging the visual aesthetics. Innovation, quality and design are three factors that guarantee the adaptation of the products to any context.


Self-sufficiency and connectivity are the two main pillars of the R&D department, which is constantly working to make products more efficient and sustainable thanks to the latest technology.


The rigorous process of the quality department ensures that the luminaires comply with the established regulations and controls before being put on the market.


By working together with innovation and quality, we are able to offer innovative luminaires with a refined finish.

Together we will make cities smarter by making public lighting maintenance tasks zero-emission.

We are in this together

More than light to change the world

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