Products designed to shine


Innovation, quality and design are the three factors that are always present to guarantee added value, originality and longevity in our products.


The luminaires are prepared to offer the best results for your public lighting project. You simply have to choose the one that suits your needs.

Kronos new

Kronos - Top Hor

Tecla Luminaire


Flit S luminaire

Flit S

Flit M luminaire

Flit M

Flit L luminaire

Flit L

Luminaire Gota S

Gota S

Luminaire Gota M

Gota M

Luminaire Gota L

Gota L

Sil M luminaire


Sil L luminaire


Luminaire Clap S Top-Hor

Clap S - Top Hor

Luminaire Clap M Top-Hor

Clap M - Top Hor

Clap S Pro Luminaire

Clap S - Pro

Luminaire Venus S Top

Venus S - Top

Venus M Top luminaire

Venus M - Top

Venus S Hor luminaire

Venus S - Hor

Venus M Hor luminaire

Venus M - Hor

Venus S Pro 0 luminaire

Venus S - Pro 0

Venus M Pro 0 luminaire

Venus M - Pro 0

Venus S Pr2 luminaire

Venus S - PR2

Venus S Pro Luminaire

Venus S - Pro

Venus S Star luminaire

Venus S - Star

Venus S Max luminaire

Venus S - Max

Luminaire Basic S Hor

Basic S - Hor

Basic L Hor luminaire

Basic L - Hor

Luminaire Basic S Top

Basic S - Top

Luminaire Basic L Top

Basic L - Top

Luminaire Basic S Top2

Basic S - Top2

Basic S Lat Luminaire

Basic S - Lat

Basic L Lat Luminaire

Basic L - Lat

Luminaire Basic S Top Lat

Basic S - Top Lat

Luminaire Basic L Top Lat

Basic L - Top Lat

Basic S Wall luminaire

Basic S - Wall

Basic L Wall Luminaire

Basic L - Wall

Luminaire Basic S Sus

Basic S - Sus

Luminaire Basic L Sus

Basic L - Sus

Luminaire Ice L Top

Ice L - Top

Metro S luminaire

Metro S

Metro M luminaire

Metro M

Metro Xm luminaire

XM Metro

Metro L luminaire

Metro L

Metro Xl Luminaire

Metro XL

Luminaire Circus Top-Hor

Circus - Top Hor

Circus Wall Luminaire

Circus Wall

Circus Lat Luminaire

Circus - Lat

Circus Max Luminaire

Circus - Max

Circus Lira Luminaire

Circus - Lira

Biro Luminaire


Lan S luminaire

Lan S

Lan N luminaire

Lan N

Lan L luminaire

Lan L

Luminaire Icon Top

Icon - Top

Icon Lat Luminaire

Icon - Lat

Icon Wall Luminaire

Icon - Wall

Town Hor Pr Luminaire

Town - Hor PR

Luminaire Town Top

Town - Top

Town Lat Luminaire

Town - Lat

Featured Town Wall 1 : Salvi Lighting Barcelona

Town - Wall

Visio Lira Luminaire

Visio - Lira

Luminaire Walk Top

Walk - Top

Walk Lat Luminaire

Walk - Lat

Walk Wall Luminaire

Walk - Wall

Nova S Beacon Luminaire

Nova S

Nova S Plus Beacon Luminaire

Nova S Plus

Nova M Beacon Luminaire

Nova M

Luminaire Anima Top-Hor

Anima - Top Hor

Anima Lat Luminaire

Anima - Lat

Anima Wall Luminaire

Anima - Wall

Snap luminaire


Nauta S Sus Luminaire

Nauta S - Sus

Nauta L Sus Luminaire

Nauta L - Sus

Luminaire Nauta L Top

Nauta L - Top

Luminaire Ochocentista 72 Al Top

Ochocentista - Top

Ochocentista Luminaire 72 Al Sus

Ochocentista - Sus

Luminaire Palacio Top

Palacio - Top

Palacio Sus Luminaire

Palacio - Sus

Luminaire Gran Via Top

Gran Via - Top

Luminaire Atenea Top

Atenea - Top

Luminaire Princesa Top

Princesa - Top

Luminaire Princesa Sus

Princesa - Sus

Luminaire Avenue Top

Avenue - Top

Luminaire Rosellon Top

Rosellon - Top

Royal S Sus luminaire

Royal S - Sus

Royal L Sus luminaire

Royal L - Sus

Poles and other supports

Poles are the indispensable pillar for the perfect luminaire. Choose the one that will make your city shine.

Atlas Pole


Atlas C Pole

Atlas C

Venus Pole


Venus C Pole

Venus C

Micra Pole


Boulevard Pole


Faubourg Pole


Arcadia Pole


Ochocentista Pole


Villa Pole


Ochocentista bracket