Pavilion at Sainte Lucie in Porto-vecchio

Pavilion at Sainte Lucie de Porto-vecchio in Corsica

Installation carried out in the sports hall of the town of Santa Lucia de Porto Vecchio in Corsica, France with 22 Visio 155 W floodlights with 24 LEDs replacing 26 VSAP 400 W floodlights.

With this renovation, the complex has gained in efficiency and lighting quality.

The installed power has been reduced from 10,400 W to 3,410 W with a reduction in energy consumption of almost 70%. In addition, thanks to the evolution of LEDs and their high performance, more illuminance and more uniformity is achieved. From 200 lx of the discharge, 259 lx is now achieved with the new Visio and the uniformity of the light is improved from 0.40 to 0.78.

Product used

Visio Lira, robust and versatile

Suspended LED floodlight for civil or industrial infrastructures.

Meet the Visio - Lira luminaire
Visio Lira Luminaire

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