Premià de Mar

together with solar energy

In the section between the municipal boundary with Premiá de Mar, there is a maritime path of approximately 1,510 meters long, which, due to its proximity to the sea, has become one of the favorite recreational areas for the inhabitants of the area.

This space lacked lighting, making it difficult to use in low light hours or at night. To alleviate this situation, the Masnou Town Council proposed to provide the path with minimum lighting, which could guarantee visibility and safety levels for the people who use this route.

To provide adequate lighting to this unique space, 100 photovoltaic powered Volta beacons have been installed, with batteries included in the beacon itself, so that no prior infrastructure work has to be carried out, limiting only to the "nailing" of these elements. This nailing condition also allows the mobility of the beacons if in the future it is considered necessary to move them from the place where they were initially placed.

The use of clean energy, guaranteeing a more than sufficient and respectful illumination of the marine night environment, has been one of the key points for the realization of this project. In addition, the use of low-maintenance materials facilitates reuse at the end of their life cycle (estimated at 20 years).

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