Nador, a charming city

Street lighting is able to define the ambiance of each environment.

We consider each city special and unique. For that reason, we know that each project requires its own needs. The first step to create a rewarding project is to become the client, to put ourselves in their shoes. Only in this way, we are able to solve and cover all the needs.

The city of Nador has been part of this customization with the Biro luminaire. The interior motifs and the blue light at the top have been one of the elements that have added modernity, beautification and safety to the Moroccan city.

Each project is unique and together, we will find the perfect solution for your city.

Product used

Biro, the aesthetic and technological

Decorative point of light with our cylindrical-shaped outdoor LED luminaire with Salvi's cutting-edge aesthetics and technology. For use in public lighting and to illuminate pedestrian areas, promenades, parks, squares or roundabouts.

Meet the Biro luminaire
Biro Luminaire

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