Madalena Square, Durango

Madalena Square Renovation Project in Durango.

Durango has restored the historical value of Madalena Square, respecting its original essence: the hermitage and the centuries-old linden trees. The renovation project has created a 1,779 square meter, accessible and functional recreational space that now serves as a meeting and cohesion point for the community.

The Mayoress of Durango, Mireia Elkoroiribehas expressed her satisfaction with the renovation, highlighting the improvements achieved thanks to the contributions of the neighbors. The square, previously abandoned, has been transformed into a vibrant center of the neighborhood, where you can hold parties and activities, stroll and rest under the shade of the linden trees.

One of the most special spots in Durango, Madalena Square, has been rehabilitated to become a landmark space. With the elimination of architectural barriers and the centralization of various uses, such as vegetation, furniture, fountain and lighting, the square now offers good accessibility and pleasant spaces for recreation in the heart of Durango.

For this project we have worked together with TAO Lighting Studiothe prestigious lighting, architecture and design studio in Bilbao. When planning the lighting for the Plaza Madalena remodeling project, two of Salvi's urban luminaires were combined. On the one hand, the Birocolumns, which function as a decorative point of light with cylindrical LED luminaire with the aesthetic and technological avant-garde characteristic of Salvi Lighting Barcelona. On the other hand, the Gota luminaire in size M designed by the prestigious Swiss architects Herzog & De Meuron, which provides uniform lighting, while giving the place a cheerful and festive atmosphere, inviting people to enjoy these urban spaces.

The remodeling, which lasted nine months, focused on three fundamental aspects: the permeability of the space, transforming the square into an accessible urban refuge; the preservation of the Madalena hermitage, a cultural symbol of the neighborhood; and the conservation of the large lime trees, ensuring their optimal development.

This project has succeeded in restoring the hermitage's landmark character and significantly improved the accessibility of the space, allowing both the elderly and the young to feel at ease in a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. We are proud to have been part of this project, providing our energy-efficient luminaires.

Product used

Biro, aesthetics without limits

Decorative point of light with cylindrical LED luminaire with the aesthetic and technological avant-garde Salvi.

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Biro Luminaire

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