AIDI National Congress promotes the development of the entire lighting sector

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The light for innovation.

The main theme of the AIDI National Congress

The 20th National Congress of the AIDI (Italian Lighting Association) took place in Naples on 20 and 21 June under one main theme: light for innovation.

The AIDI National Congress promotes the development of the entire lighting industry and encourages dialogue and interaction with other sectors and realities to create economic and cultural growth opportunities for its members.

It carries out a constant action of scientific, technical and cultural information for the dissemination of knowledge on topics related to lighting. Its main mission is to disseminate and promote the "culture of light".

Present throughout the country with several territorial sections, the Association has the participation of manufacturers, service companies, managers, designers, the academic world, lighting designers, distributors and lighting enthusiasts.

Our correspondents in Italy participated in this National Congress in order to be updated on actions and needs related to lighting. In this way, we are updated to offer you the best service and information.

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