Eixample district

in Barcelona

Salvi is actively participating in the renovation and improvement of Barcelona's public lighting.

It does so within the framework of the Lighting Master Plan (PDI) approved by the City Council, which has begun at several key points, including the Eixample district.

With the aim of providing Barcelona's citizens with a quality lighting service, the City Council has opted to install efficient, unique LED products in its streets, integrated into the urban fabric. To this end, the VENUS poles in the Eixample have a 4,000 K vehicle-oriented luminaire and a 3,000 K pavement-oriented luminaire that allows the levels and uniformity to be adjusted to the optimum levels for each use. In addition, the design of the poles is set back from the trees so that the lighting and public trees do not interfere with each other and create a landscape synergy throughout the city.

With this project, the city of Barcelona continues on its path towards modernity and sustainable development using LED technology and with the collaboration of Salvi.

Product used

Venus S Pro, the icon of modernism

The timeless Venus luminaire blends perfectly into any urban environment.

Meet the Venus S - Pro luminaire
Venus S Pro Luminaire

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