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in Alicante

Work to improve energy efficiency in public lighting in Alicante City Council.

Luminaires with 150 W VSAP lamps and double level electromagnetic flux reducer were replaced by LED luminaires with a colour temperature of 4000 K and 50 W power, with the possibility of regulating the emitted flux.

Encargo realizado por el Departamento técnico de alumbrado público. Concejalía de medio ambiente.
Fecha suministro diciembre de 2016 y producto Luminaria GRAN VIA M TOP 3/4 12LED 40K F5M1 PMA AUTON 75 W – Potencia: 50 W – 240 ud.
Potencia nueva total 12 kW. Con un ahorro estimado de 123.000 kWh/año – 22.140 €/año y una disminución de emisiones CO₂ 60,885 Tm CO₂/año
Niveles de iluminación obtenidos 32 Lux con una Uniformidad de 58%.
Contaminación luminosa FHS < 1% – Reproducción cromática RA > 70

The main objective of the project was to reduce energy consumption, improve the quality of the lighting by implementing LED lighting with white light with a colour temperature of 4000 K and a suitable colour rendering index, reduce maintenance costs as the useful life of the LED luminaires is around 80,000 hours, equivalent to approximately 9 years and, on the other hand, reduce light pollution.

Product used

Gran Via Top, the historical update

A historic, large-area light-emitting luminaire. For installation in top position.

Meet the Gran Via luminaire - Top
Luminaire Gran Via Top

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