Las Ramblas, an essential visit

in Barcelona

Boqueria Market, on the Ramblas

The lighting on Barcelona's Ramblas has been renewed with a state-of-the-art, highly efficient optical compartment with an impact-resistant polycarbonate diffuser. As a result, energy savings of up to 72% have been achieved.

The installation consists of 74 single-light poles and 18 five-light columns. The 100 W Atenea model was installed in the single poles and the 70 W Atenea in the five-light columns. In all of them, the 250 W mercury vapour was replaced by metal halide lamps.

The renovation of the optical groups took place in the Plaza Real and at the Colón entrance. More than 100 micro-reflector optics with 70 W of HM were installed. Naturally, the model chosen was the Plaza Real. In the vicinity of Colón, work was carried out on the Lira Balmes, again installing efficient 70 W MH optics. The savings achieved in these actions are around 56%.

The lighting of the Ramblas, one of the most famous streets, was improved, respecting its tradition and atmosphere.

Product used

Atenea Top, the indispensable classic

A modern and elegant classic that shines everywhere. Cast aluminium body for use in street lighting.

Meet the Atenea Top luminaire
Luminaire Atenea Top

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