Basic L Lat, the attractive essential

Luminaire with an essential design that gives it a minimalist, polyvalent and attractive appearance. It offers a multitude of possibilities and versions adaptable to all types of public lighting. Because the greatest achievements start with simple things.

Basic L Lat Luminaire
Basic L Lat Luminaire
Electronic efficiency > 90%.
IP66 | IK08 / IK09 / IK10
Lateral attachment by means of 2 M8 screws to short, medium or long arms.

A luminaire that won't leave you indifferent

Ideal for illuminating streets, avenues, pedestrian areas, parks and gardens.

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Micra Pole


Boulevard Pole


Faubourg Pole


Their specifications are the key

Here we show you the key aspects that allow it to adapt to any project.

monoblock white | Salvi Lighting Barcelona

Monobloc lenses

Ensure better photometric accuracy

aluminium white keypoint | Salvi Lighting Barcelona


anti-corrosive with a copper content of less than 0.1%.

white keypoint painting | Salvi Lighting Barcelona


The paint complies with EN 12944 C4 High Durability

white keypoint reflector | Salvi Lighting Barcelona


Improves efficiency, uniformity and light intrusion

closing white keypoint | Salvi Lighting Barcelona

Locking system

for tool-free maintenance

white keypoint threads | Salvi Lighting Barcelona


stainless steel

vida white keypoint | Salvi Lighting Barcelona

Product life

based on the environmental conditions of the project

humidity white keypoint | Salvi Lighting Barcelona


pressure compensator. Eliminates interior humidity

white keypoint space | Salvi Lighting Barcelona


independent for electronics

silicone white keypoint | Salvi Lighting Barcelona

Silicone gasket

Sealing gaskets made of resistant silicone

white keypoint white keypoint guarantee | Salvi Lighting Barcelona


The product is adapted to the needs of the project

ultra-transparent white keypoint | Salvi Lighting Barcelona


ultra-transparent. Improves efficiency by up to 10%.

evolution white keypoint | Salvi Lighting Barcelona


The luminaire adapts to technological change

white keypoint socket | Salvi Lighting Barcelona


of current. Protects the installer

smartec white keypoint | Salvi Lighting Barcelona


Luminaire pre-equipped for Smartec remote control

circular white keypoints | Salvi Lighting Barcelona

Circular distribution

Optimises heat dissipation

white keypoint rod | Salvi Lighting Barcelona

Telescopic rod

Risk-free maintenance

anti-reflective white keypoint | Salvi Lighting Barcelona


Anti-reflection treatment. Improves efficiency by up to 5%.

Basic L Lat Luminaire

Some technical details

Consisting of body, top cover and fixing in cast aluminium EN AC 44300, hinge with stainless steel shaft between cover and rim integrated in the same cast aluminium guaranteeing excellent robustness. Manual closing/opening for tool-free maintenance, telescopic stainless steel safety rod to keep the lid open during maintenance operations and silicone sealing gasket.

  • For installation from 4 to 12m high.
  • Characteristic dimensions: 400 x Ø580 mm.
  • Maximum power 125W
  • Maximum flux 19700lm.
  • AC voltage 220V-240V ~ 50/60Hz.
  • Approx. weight: 14Kg.
  • IP66
  • IK08 / IK09 / IK10
  • FHS < 0.1% (Cierre lenticular y vidrio plano).
  • CRI minimum 70.
  • Class I / Class II optional.
  • Lifetime : L90B10 > 100,000 h (depending on LED type and configuration).

The solution to take control

Smartec is a scalable solution with which you can quickly and efficiently control and manage the status of your luminaires from any device.
Because public lighting has evolved in parallel with technological and urban development, and we want to offer you the best results to keep you up to date at all times.
Because together and together with Smartec, you will have the complete solution.
Discover all that Smartec can offer you
smartec laptop | Salvi Lighting Barcelona

Optics is everything

Set of independent lenses of our own design in optical PMMA with an efficiency of up to 93%. Optional rear flux recuperating reflector in injected and aluminised PMMA with a high reflectivity index (95%). The wide range of lenses and reflectors available enables all photometric requirements to be optimally met.

Successful projects

We show you the results of the luminaire so that you have no more doubts, and so that we can start a new journey together.

Nimfa Venus featured | Salvi Lighting Barcelona

Gardens of the Nymph

plaza lesseps barcelona 02 | Salvi Lighting Barcelona

Lesseps Square in Barcelona

| Salvi Lighting Barcelona

Avda. del Foix Park in Barcelona

paseo iglesia llica vall 01 | Salvi Lighting Barcelona

Passeig de l'Església in Lliçà de Vall

pau redo hospitalet 01 | Salvi Lighting Barcelona

Pau Redó Road in Hospitalet

Supplementary information

Download all the additional information we provide to answer any questions you may have.
Technical specifications
Plans pdf
Drawings dwg

It's your moment!

Configure your luminaire to suit your needs and create a successful project.

landing | Salvi Lighting Barcelona
Configure your Basic L Lat

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