Sarajevo Bridge

Iconic bridge in Barcelona

Installation of the filo LED luminaire for the renovation and improvement of the Sarajevo Bridge, a civic axis of communication between the neighbourhoods of Trinitat Vella (Sant Andreu district) and Trinidad Nueva (Nou Barris).

This bridge commemorates Barcelona's special relationship with the city of Sarajevo (Bosnia) following the Balkan war in the 1990s. It has been renovated with porticoed areas with vegetation, modifying the image of the bridge as a green gateway to a new Barcelona.

170 Filo LED luminaires have been installed in addition to 53 Rigo LED luminaires and 4 Visio LED floodlights.

Product used

Filo, linear and continuous

Filo is a linear and continuous lighting system, with a minimalist design and elegant shapes, which integrates with style and simplicity in urban environments for public lighting. The system houses high-efficiency LED luminaires, with the possibility of adapting the light distribution to the project in question.

Filo Luminaire

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