Park of "Les rieres d'horta".

This park is located in Barcelona

Exterior lighting project in Av. del Estatut de Catalunya. Horta district. BARCELONA.

We installed our special luminaire "Cuc de LLum" designed specifically for a modern and energy-efficient project in Barcelona. We offer outdoor lighting through modern, design and energy efficient urban elements.

The Avinguda del Estatut de Catalunya park in Barcelona is the most important urban development project of 2013. Located in the upper part of the city, the park aims to be a reflection of sustainability, efficiency and dynamism.

Salvi's challenge was to provide a solution for the outdoor lighting of 1500 m of pathway, seeking excellence in visitor comfort and high energy efficiency. The project includes a total of 1650 LED luminaires, housed inside the structure of the "cuc".

The pergola area, located in the upper part of the park, is intended to be a social space. Here different lines of light converge to achieve a singular lighting effect.

Each luminaire consumes 1.7 W, achieving average footpath levels of 21 lux. In addition, the lighting has a remote management system, making it possible to reduce levels during low occupancy hours.

Salvi invites you to enjoy this space and its comfortable and efficient lighting.

Product used

Filo, linear and continuous

Filo is a linear and continuous lighting system, with a minimalist design and elegant shapes, which integrates with style and simplicity in urban environments for public lighting. The system houses high-efficiency LED luminaires, with the possibility of adapting the light distribution to the project in question.

Filo Luminaire

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