Urbel's illumination of the castle

Urbel del Castillo is a beautiful village in Burgos that is characterized by its rural charm and natural beauty. Thanks to the new luminaires installed, residents and visitors can enjoy a much more efficient and safe public lighting system.
Clap S luminaires have achieved excellent lighting uniformity. Light uniformity is an indicator of street lighting efficiency, which means significant savings in maintenance costs and greater visibility and safety for citizens.
Another important factor in the renovation of public lighting has been the reduction of light pollution thanks to the Clap S luminaires.
Light pollution is the excess of artificial light that is emitted into the night environment, affecting fauna, flora, the night sky and people's quality of life. Reducing light pollution not only favors biodiversity and air quality, but also improves the visibility of the stars and promotes astronomical tourism, ideal for a town like Urbel del Castillo.
This represents a significant energy and economic saving, as it avoids wasting energy by unnecessarily illuminating the night sky.
Product used

Clap S Top Hor, practical and functional

Compact LED luminaire with an oval design. Very practical and functional, designed to cover the basic lighting needs for all types of roads with maximum efficiency.

Meet the Clap S luminaire
Luminaire Clap S Top-Hor

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