Gota in Al Hair, Saudi Arabia

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Higher Commission for Riyadh Development (HCRD) started in 2018 a new comprehensive design for Al-Hair lakes to establish the location as an eco-tourism site. Al-Hair lakes are downstream Riyadh, KSA capital, from the Wadi Hanifa.

Today the Al Hair project is completed covering a 40 square kilometer area including the protected Al-Hair area and includes refining the flood canal. The project reorganized the 750,000 sq. meter lakes and the creation of a permanent water channels flow as well as environmental rehabilitation for each of the lakes and Al-Hair dam.

The project included the establishment of five islands within the lakes and the construction of five bridges over the canals, as well the establishment of two control towers in addition to the planting of 1,600 trees in various parts of the site.

The ambitious plan also worked for the realignment of service lines and public utilities, in addition to redesigning 14 kilometers worth of local roads to serve surrounding farms. It will provide 162 seats for visitors and picnickers.

SALVI lighting was involved in this amazing project by integrating GOTA luminaires and poles in the landscape, as to provide to the leisure and visitors’ area with an astonishing new design and sustainable and comfortable lighting.

GOTA luminaires, designed by Herzog & Demeuron studio, feature efficient LED system and lenses as to provide efficient and sustainable lighting.

Leisure and visitors area is being lit by 59 luminaires GOTA M and 10 landscape GOTA poles with more than 1400 meters of special ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber “dyneema” cable.

Al Hair represent a success reference project, made of design and sustainability provided by SALVI.

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technical data

High efficiency LED technology ŋ 87%
Colour temperature 3000°K or 4000°K
Flux max. 9232 lm @3000°K
Power consumption max: 74 W
Life time L80B10 > 80.000h (depending on model)
Power input 220V-240V / 50-60Hz
Electronic efficiency ŋ ≥ 90%
Power factor> 0.95