International Day of Light 2024

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NEW LAUNCH! ICE S luminaire

Today we celebrate International Day of Light, an initiative sponsored by Unesco, in which we take the opportunity to recognize the fundamental role that light plays in our current lifestyle, but also to reflect on our role in the industry, our commitment to sustainability and the possibility of bringing light to the places where it is most needed.

The difference between an unilluminated public space and an efficiently illuminated public space is not simply an aesthetic and practical difference. The most important thing is that strategic and planned public space lighting projects increase people's safety and well-being, thus improving their quality of life.

We like to celebrate this day doing what we do best: innovating and creating new lighting solutions. That is why today we present a new luminaire ideal for lighting streets, avenues, residential areas, parks, gardens and pedestrian areas while taking care of the aesthetic aspect and with the best energy efficiency.

The ICE S luminaire has multiple configurations and various dimensions that, combined, offer a wide range of possibilities.

It has 24 high efficiency LEDs in circular arrangement. A set of independent lenses of its own design in optical PMMA with efficiency up to 93% and the possibility of adding a rear flux recuperator reflector in injected and aluminized PMMA with high reflectivity index (95%). The wide range of available lenses and reflectors allows to solve all photometric needs in an optimal way.

The ICE S luminaire is suitable for the installation of Smartec®, the smart lighting software developed by Salvi Lighting Barcelona. This system not only allows the remote configuration and management of public lighting services in real time, but also optimizes the performance of the luminaire thanks to the possibility of programming and updating its strategies based on the needs of each moment and location.

Do you need a designer, efficient and functional luminaire?

In the luminaire configurator, our online tool, you can easily and quickly customize the ICE S luminaire to suit the needs of your project. This tool performs photometric calculations and the complete product definition and, as a result, presents all the necessary project documentation.

You can find all the technical details of the new ICE S line in our product section. product section.

At Salvi, we value the role that light plays in everyone's life and recognize that our work is important for development and innovation in different societies. That is why we are committed to continue developing increasingly efficient and innovative solutions to build a future with greater well-being, safety and sustainability.

International Day of Light 2024

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International Day of Light

International Day of Light 2024

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