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In March we participated in LIGHT+BUILDING 2024.

Last March we had the privilege of participating in one of the most prestigious events in the lighting industry: Light+Building 2024.

Building on the event's theme, "Be electrified," Light+Building 2024 focused on the latest trends in lighting, electrification and digitization of technologies for homes, buildings and cities, as well as connected security.

As part of our commitment to innovation, energy efficiency and sustainability, we took this opportunity to present our latest innovations in lighting and sustainable technology.

Our booth at Light+Building was a meeting point for industry professionals and experts, where we were able to share our ideas and visions for the future of urban lighting and demonstrate how our solutions promote smarter and more efficient energy use.

In addition to exhibiting our products, we took the opportunity to reflect on the advances and challenges of the sector.

  • Awareness of the importance of using renewable energies is growing year by year. In this edition we found a remarkable increase in solar technology applied to the lighting and construction sector. We are pleased to see the growth of the sector and this reinforces our commitment to continue offering increasingly innovative solutions that adapt to the needs of our customers. The implementation of solar lighting systems has enormous potential, but project planning is also of utmost importance to achieve optimal results.
  • Once again, we confirm that achieving greater energy efficiency, to be more sustainable and to offer a better public lighting service must go hand in hand with the implementation of new technologies. The interconnectivity of cities goes from being an option to a necessity and we are proud to offer our SMARTEC® remote management software.

Light+Building 2024 was an enriching experience for our team, not only for the opportunity to showcase our work to the world, but also for the inspiration we found in interacting with like-minded colleagues and professionals.

In summary, our participation in Light+Building 2024 was a testament to our continued commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability in the field of urban lighting. We thank those who visited our booth and look forward to continuing our collaboration to create a brighter future for all.

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