Lighting renovation in Barcelona

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Improvement of outdoor lighting in Barcelona city

Salvi lighting is actively participating in the renovation and improvement of public lighting in Barcelona. And it does so within the development of the Lighting Master Plan (PDI) recently approved by the City Council of this city. One of the first streets to benefit from this program is the upper section of the emblematic Paseo de Gracia, Paseo Salvador Espriu (better known as Jardinets de Gràcia), where the Atenea luminaires that have been lighting this road for more than 30 years have been replaced with the latest version incorporating the Snap LED module.

Salvi has also participated in the LED lighting upgrade of Aldana Street, where the existing light points have been replaced with the characteristic two-armed Venus streetlights and our LED technology. The result has been a saving of more than 60% in energy consumption, and a significant improvement in lighting levels and uniformity.

With this project, the city of Barcelona will have much more effective, efficient and uniform public lighting thanks to Salvi lighting's LED technology. And more streets will benefit from this technology, as this is just the beginning of Barcelona's new lighting plan. We will keep you up to date through Facebook and our website.

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