International Dark Sky Week

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We celebrate International Dark Sky Week: commitment to sustainability.

From April 2 to 8, we joined International Dark Sky Week to remember and highlight the dangers of light pollution and to reaffirm our commitment to responsible and environmentally friendly lighting.

International Dark Sky Week is the worldwide celebration promoted by the International DarkSky organization that invites us to reflect and become aware of the harmful effects of light pollution and the importance of the night environment.

At Salvi, we have historically adapted to change, seeking to be a benchmark in the sector capable of adapting to the future. Innovation, quality and design are three key factors that help us guarantee the energy efficiency, sustainability and adaptability of our products.

Today more than ever we need to look for alternatives to conventional public lighting in order to offer a better tomorrow; cleaner, more responsible, more efficient and adapted. The change to more efficient lighting systems is essential not only to save energy consumption, but also to respect and care for the natural environment, biodiversity and the health of all citizens.

Night sky friendly luminaires.

Creating new eco-designed lighting products that are self-sufficient, decontaminating and adapted to people's needs is part of our mission, which is why we have joined the International DarkSky organization that promotes responsible outdoor lighting through policy, public education, scientific research, partnerships and other actions.

We are proud to share our International DarkSky approved and certified luminaires, a distinction that reflects Salvi' s commitment to reducing light pollution.

Monitor, evaluate and improve.

Our luminaires are prepared to incorporate our intelligent Smartec® software, with which it is possible to control the status of the luminaires at all times: consumption, energy expenditure, configuration of warnings and alarms, among other functionalities.

With Smartec®, we aim to help reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs, light pollution and improve the safety and quality of public lighting service.

How to contribute to the reduction of light pollution?

All of us, organizations and individuals, have in our hands the power to build a more sustainable world. At International Dark Sky Week we would like to share five principles that can guide our daily actions and contribute to the reduction of light pollution:

  • Use light only when needed, especially in open spaces.
  • Direct the light to illuminate what needs to be illuminated.
  • Regulates the light intensity, use the lowest level required.
  • Control light usage on an as-needed basis with intelligent systems, such as our Smartec® software.
  • Whenever possible, use the warmest tones for lighting, avoiding "blue light" whenever possible.

Join us in this celebration and let's work together to preserve the beauty of the night sky.

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