Salvi lignting Barcelona illuminates the area of medieval ditch, the parking and the loading zones of the new Sant Antoni market in Barcelona.

The Sant Antoni Market is one of the most important markets in Barcelona, not only for its history but also for continuing to offer one of the best food proposals of the city and for the wide range of fashion, textiles and household products.

The Sant Antoni Market is also one of the icons of collectors for all local people. Its Sunday Market is specialized in new and old books and in the traditional collection of postcards, stamps or magazines. There are also offers linked to the trading cards, video games or movies.

Given the great offer and the concurrence of the market, the facility needed to have very specific characteristics, where sustainability and efficiency (24/7) were the most important for the public lighting project.

The illuminated useful area of the car park and load zones exceeds 14,239.15 m2 divided into two floors (floor -2 and floor -4). The square meters of the area reserved for the medieval ditch are added to the project to illuminate one of the most important and largest markets in the city. Salvi lighting used a neutral color temperature (4000K), since their use in traffic areas need good visibility for safety.

One of the most important values of Salvi lighting is the adaptability of our product to meet customer needs. In this project we adapt our Logo luminaire model and our Visio spotlight to respect and emphasize the aesthetic lines of the project. In the parking areas there is a predominance of dynamic lines that delimit the parking areas and our Led luminaire follows the same aesthetic lines of the area. On the other hand, in the area of the medieval ditch, we installed our Visio spotlight, with its more technical aesthetic features since its design is based on trapezoidal geometric shapes.

Lighting one of the most important and iconic markets in the city of Barcelona is one more reason to trust in Salvi lighting.