Salvi Lighting joins the Slowlight commitment for the sustainable transformation of lighting networks.

Salvi Lighting, since last December, has joined the Slowlight commitment consolidating Salvi Lighting’s dedication as to the sustainable use of light.

According to its own manifesto, the Slowlight initiative aims to achieve better environments through light, both in urban and rural areas, creating harmonious night-time spaces thanks to calm, intelligent, healthy, sustainable, comfortable and emotional lighting, where the night regains prominence.

The initiative is aligned with the objectives of the 2020-2030 urban agency, whose mission is to achieve better living cities by working on lighting, and thus contribute to the reduction of light pollution by providing cities with calm and sustainable lighting. This will achieve lower energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint to provide a sustainable, comfortable and healthy environment for both citizens and environment.

Salvi Lighting not only works for sustainable smart lighting, but also helps, wherever possible, in the conservation of nature and species. A recent case is that of the Cory’s shearwater (Calonectris diomedea) in the Canary Islands. The Cory’s shearwater is a migratory bird species whose nesting in Spain takes place mainly in the Canary archipelago. Inadequate artificial lighting, and its light pollution effect, can affect the orientation of these birds. As a result, their flight and migration to their destination can be affected, with fatal consequences. Specifically, on the island of Gran Canaria, on the coast of San Andrés, the newly hatched chicks on the cliffs make their first flight towards the ocean and must cross the GC2 road and nearby towns. By renovating this lighting with luminaires featuring zero upper hemispheric lighting flux, amber light spectrum and remote management of the lighting, SALVI managed as to avoid disturbing their orientation and vision, thus minimizing casualties in their first flight attempts and less disturbance to their orientation.

Another factor helping the sustainability of outdoor lighting, and one that makes the biggest difference, is connected lighting. Smartec® is Salvi Lighting’s lighting management system for smart cities. And, thanks to this system, the lighting can be adapted to the needs of outdoor spaces at any given moment …. “Lighting should only be used when needed”, saving up to 70% in energy consumption. This is a great ally in the compromise with Slowlight commitment.

Through this type of action, traffic safety is maintained over public roads, while preserving biodiversity, night-time spaces and allowing the night to regain all its prominence.

All this makes us feel at our common home by participating in the Slowlight initiative.