Salvi Lighting, and the ‘Truck of Dreams’ at one of its destinations

Last Saturday, the KH-7 Epsilon team was able to complete one of the most important missions of its race through the Dakar on its day off. The “Dream Truck” was able to deliver the gifts, made by the underprivileged children of FVO (Private Foundation Vallés Oriental) to the Riyadh’s Association of Disadvantaged Children, which received the gifts and drawings with great joy. Salvi Lighting had the opportunity to witness this exciting and emotional moment.

“It was a great job because logistically it wasn’t easy to organize it all. We are very pleased to have been able to fulfill our task of providing all jobs for disadvantaged children, and we have also considered a collaborative protocol so that they come to know our foundation and what we are doing,” explains José Luis Criado, team co-pilot and FOV treasurer. “It will be a very significant, beautiful and endearing act. We believe this will be the beginning of a great friendship.

On Monday, the Disadvantaged Children’s Association opened the doors to show its work in Saudi Arabia to children who need care. “Disabled Children’s” is considered one of the largest children’s rehabilitation facilities in the Arab world, where 4,000 children receive different free programs each year. Our General Manager, Javier Elizalde, and our Director of Exports, Marco Trentini, were present with emotion of this moment and testify to the incredible work the Saudi association is doing.

Intellectual insufficiency (I) is a much lower-than-average brain function, which is present from birth or infancy and which results in limitations in the performance of normal daily activities. That is why the work of the Association of Disadvantaged Children and the OVF is so important.

“Despite the cultural distance between Saudi Arabia and Spain, there are problems that are the same, whether you are in the country you are. It’s sister and joins us,” says José Luis Criado. As of the Salvi lighting team, we are very pleased to have witnessed and supported the KH-7 Epsilon team with our sponsorship because Team Epsilon’s initiative is a model for everyone.