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The XLVIII National Lighting Symposium was held this year in Cartagena.

The National Lighting Symposium kicked off on 25 May in Cartagena. Once again this year, it was a 3-day event where manufacturers, lighting technicians, architects and authorities from the world of lighting shared knowledge and concerns about the use of light in society.

The CEI Symposium, with its 48 editions, is one of the most important events in the lighting sector. Its aim is to show a global and current vision of lighting, based on different terms or themes: regulations, well-being, scientific, technological, etc.

On Thursday 26th, our commercial director, Francisco Cavaller, spoke about the project to reform the street lighting in the city of Almeria in the section of Avenida Federico García Lorca, in the heart of the city centre.

Together with the Almeria City Council and AIMA Ingeniería, this project has achieved more than just energy efficiency, as they have been sensitive to achieving the desired lighting result for users and have contributed a great deal of knowledge in the development of the project and the work.

It has been possible to carry out this type of massive outdoor lighting renovation project and fulfil the main objective, which is to look after people's lighting needs, thanks to the professionalism, interest and good judgement of all the organisations involved in the project.

To end this conference, on Friday 27th, we will present an innovative project for grazing lighting on roads. It aims to bring about a major change in the world of lighting, as it is a disruptive way of lighting and is increasingly becoming part of our lives.

We continue to work to provide the best efficient and sustainable solutions for public lighting.

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