Solar Impulse presents its Guide to Solutions for Cities

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Solar Impulse seeks to overcome local challenges to drive climate action

According to the United Nations, "since 2007, more than half of the world's population lives in cities". This rapid urbanization has put severe pressure on the infrastructure and services that cities provide to their communities: energy supply, built environment, mobility services, waste management and water infrastructure. Cities cannot achieve a 1.5°C trajectory without a massive effort in all these sectors. Hence, they are the primary targets for some of Solar Impulse's efficient solutions.
Since May 2022, the Solar Impulse Foundation has launched several efforts to advance the adoption of climate solutions in cities. Having already identified over 1400 efficient Solutions that are both environmentally and economically beneficial, the next step is to apply the most appropriate ones to the city context, recognizing the enormous importance and decision-making power they have in climate change mitigation.
Thus, it has officially published at COP27, the Solutions Guide. This guide offers a compilation of case studies on the implementation of clean and cost-effective solutions, designed to help and inspire urban centers to quickly build and implement effective decarbonization programs.
Their goal is to inspire people by demonstrating that sustainable solutions exist and that they can use them to achieve their environmental goals in an economically profitable way. They therefore propose solutions to help decision-makers take advantage of the economic opportunities of the ecological transition while reducing their environmental footprint.
Since identifying solutions is only one part of the puzzle, an additional organization-driven section focuses on systemic enablers that enable city practitioners to move from their urban vision to implementing concrete sustainable solutions.
We are proud to be part of this initiative as one of the clean energy-based proposals to help cities improve climate change.
Our smart city management system has been awarded the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution" label after an evaluation conducted by independent external experts and based on verified standards. Thus, Smartec joins the #beyond1000solutions challenge by receiving the Solar Impulse label which is awarded to efficient, clean and cost-effective solutions with a positive impact on the environment and quality of life.
Curious to browse through the guide?
Guide to solutions for cities

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Solutions Guide for Cities - Solar Impulse - Salvi Lighting

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