Dakar 2023

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Together, for a more sustainable Dakar 2023

A new day of the Dakar 2023 started last December 31 and this year, the KH-7 Epsilon Team was the first truck in the world to use hydrogen in the competition.

The mechanics of the team's MAN 6×6 combined diesel fuel with hydrogen thanks to an innovative system featuring a 420-liter tank of H2 that was refueled, stage by stage, by a mobile hydrogen generator.

The toughest race in the world has been the perfect testing ground for this ambitious challenge, which has provided new and decisive lessons in terms of systems development and fuel logistics for future use in standard trucks. As the 2023 experience comes to a very satisfactory conclusion, the KH-7 Epsilon Team intends to make hydrogen the main fuel for its vehicle for the 2024 edition.

The KH-7 Epsilon Team initiative was born out of innovation and concern for sustainability.

Jordi Juvanteny, pilot, commented before the competition: "We are in the second stage of this project, which we started last year with the use of eco-fuels. In 2023 we have replaced LPG with hydrogen, which is completely clean and leaves no trace in the atmosphere. This is our way of giving back to the Dakar part of what it has given us. In addition, the planet is calling for change and we cannot wait for an exclusively institutional response. We must all get moving, starting now. Our team intends to do great and innovative things, and in this way do our bit for the planet, which is asking us to do so.

The team speaks of a resounding success and are very happy with the results. Juvanteny said after the race: "The first conclusion is that hydrogen is completely viable for the Dakar, something that we have demonstrated in terms of performance and also safety, as evidenced by the fact that, despite having overturned, the system is still intact and we were able to use up the hydrogen tank on the road section to Dammam.

José Luis Criado added: "Our story in these two weeks confirms that a cleaner Dakar is possible. We return home happy for our status as pioneers in the introduction of hydrogen in the race".

From Salvi Lighting, we support and promote these initiatives towards a better and more sustainable future for all. This is the first step to drive change and together, achieve truly amazing things. We are in this together.

More than light to change the world.


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